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Tidal Wave: No Escape

WRITER : Admin | DATE : 20-05-13 | CATEGORY : Movies
Released: 1997 (made for TV)
Budget: NA
US Box Office: NA
Global Box Office: NA
Director: George Miller
Cast: Corbin Bernsen, Julianne Philips, Gregg Henry, Larry Brandenburg
Synopsis: A surfer dude scientist takes on a mad tidal wave creating villain.
Best Quote: "I don't know diddly, but I was involved in offshore nuclear testing."
Review: 2 stars
The first few minutes of Tidal Wave: No Escape feature some serious usage of stock footage and the green screen. I can't say I'd do anything different if I were charged with producing a disaster film for less than $1M, but my point is that this one doesn't let you forget that it is a B-movie. If that's your kind of thing, it is definitely worth a watch.

I spent some time trying to think of the differences between good B-movies and bad ones and found it hard to come up with many hard and fast rules. What I did decide was this, a good B-grade disaster flick has got to be absurd and it's got to be less than 100 minutes. Spill fails the first test because it there is nothing absurd about a truck crashing and a guy running through the forest for an hour or two. Category 6 fails the second test because it is almost as long as Titanic. I'm happy to say that Tidal Wave: No Escape is both absurd and short. I can appreciate a movie ridiculous enough to have a bad guy who says things like "Imagine what a tidal wave could've done for our boys on D-Day. It isn't about to win any Oscars and the effects are laughable, but nobody can take away the preposterous premise and cheap plot twists.

Given the positive tone of this review, you are probably wondering why I only gave this one 2 stars. The fact remains that no, this is not a good movie. Nevertheless, if you are the type of person who can't help but get sucked into made-for-tv films, this disaster flick will put a smile on your face.

How does one stop a killer tidal wave headed straight at a major american city? Take it out with another tidal wave. I love it.
WRITER : Admin | DATE : 20-06-29 | CATEGORY : File Search

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