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WRITER : Admin | DATE : 20-05-14 | CATEGORY : Movies
Released: 1996
Budget: NA
US Box Office: NA
Global Box Office: NA
Director: Allan A. Goldstein
Cast: Brian Bosworth, Leah Pincent, David Fox
Synopsis: The President is threatened when a truck full of bioweapons crashes.
Best Quote: "Stuff that turns you every which color. Gives you 2 or 3 assholes."
Review: 1/2 star
The scariness of a disease can generally be measured using two criteria: how contagious it is and how deadly/nasty it is if you do catch it. The 28 Days Later disease is pretty scary because it is fairly contagious and off the charts on the deadly/nasty scale. The bioweapons in Spill, on the other hand, are sorta/kinda contagious and only seem to kill bad guys and people who we don't know the name of. Outbreaks are freaking scary, so any infectious disease disaster movie that doesn't play on this fear is definitely missing out.

Without any sense of urgency and without the budget to at least keep us distracted with eye candy, Spill ends up being pretty predictable. The movie is notable only for starring Brian "The Boz" Bosworth and being the only film I can remember when the President must be saved from a geyser. Thankfully for everyone in the film, avoiding a geyser involves taking about 10 steps to the left. Thankfully for all of us, avoiding this film is just as easy.
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