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WRITER : Admin | DATE : 20-06-30 | CATEGORY : Movies
Released: May 2, 2004 (made for TV)
Budget: NA
US Box Office: NA
Global Box Office: NA
Director: John Lafia
Cast: Kim Delaney, Fred Ward, Ivan Sergei, Dule Hill
Synopsis: A series of earthquakes rips up the west coast.
Best Quote: "Oh my gawd, don't you have 4 wheel drive!"
Review: 2 stars
Note to movie directors: I give a half-star bonus to any movie that starts out with extreme BMXing in downtown Seattle. For disaster movies, another half-star goes to those who dare to take out a major American landmark that is not located in NYC or LA. In 10.5, Director John Lafia gets full marks for taking the X Games approach to knocking over my beloved Space Needle. The fact that things only get crazier from there makes me a happy moviegoer.

Since most of my readers will probably never see this entertaining made-for-TV disaster movie/miniseries, I'd like to spend most of the review recounting some of the things that made me kinda like it. How about Lafia having the audacity for making an earthquake the main character in a train chase? Or acting like it's a good thing that the P.U.S.A. makes national security decisions by screaming at his old frat buddy, "But what does your GUT tell you?". Or laughing in the face of science with the idea that buried nukes might just weld tectonics plates back together? Wasn't that the EXACT same plan used in Armageddon to accomplish the exact opposite goal? If you don't take yourself too seriously, I'd recommend a renting of 10.5. If you do, why are you reading made-for-TV movie reviews?

On a more serious note, 10.5 is an interesting mix of terrible dialog, bad acting, good pacing, and decent bang-for-buck special effects given the budget. If you've got 3 hours set aside for a miniseries and a fondness for earthquakes, check it out.
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